PE and Sport Premium

PE Funding

All schools are in receipt of Primary PE School Funding. This funding is being used to improve PE and Sports Provision in our school.

Our Intended Outcomes


  • To increase and improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.
  • To increase participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and improve their performance levels.
  • To promote positive attitudes towards healthy and active lifestyles, reducing child hood obesity.
  • To increase the PE skills of all pupils to achieve secondary readiness.
  • To ensure that each child has the opportunity to participate in competitive sport.
  • To create a detailed PE Development plan with short and long term targets that enables all pupils to progress and achieve.
  • To increase the opportunities of pupils during lunch and play and after school.
  • To provide better and a wider range of equipment for children to use in PE and at play.

The impact of this funding will be measured through


  • Pupil perception questionnaires measuring the interest of children in different areas of the PE curriculum and feedback from the school council.
  • Direct feedback by teachers on the quality of support offered by the specialist coaches
  • Feedback from the specialist teachers to the Principal on the level of engagement by teachers
  • The increase in the number of children engaging in inter school sporting activities
  • The school receiving a ‘kite mark’ or award for the delivery of high quality PE and sport.

PE Funding 2016 – 2017
PE Grant of £8469
Investing in:

North Somerset PE Association

We use part of our funding to become members of this which provides opportunities for children to take part in different sports at competition level 2 and to try out new sports in school. It also allows us to take part in the North Somerset Schools Dance Festival. We have attended this every year since it began, this being our 12th time of participation. Through membership to the North Somerset PE Association, we can also access professional development for staff.

Impact as of March 2017
North Somerset PE Association has provided opportunities to participate in level 2 competition for cross county, archery, swimming, football and hockey and to partake in an annual dance festival.

Clevedon Cluster PE Association
Again, we fund our membership to this which provides the following opportunities: for all children to participate in inter-school competitions and try out new sports, for specialist coaches to deliver a range of sports to children, activity days and events specifically aimed at Gifted and Talented children as well as those with SEN.
Specialist teachers from Clevedon School will also come into to model PE delivery to all children from R to Y6. This allows school staff to work alongside a secondary trained PE teacher, in an area of their choosing, to observe specific skills being taught.

Impact as of March 2017
Clevedon Cluster PE have provided us with level 2 competition in sports hall athletics, netball, football, cross country and multi sports events. Children from years 4 to 6 have participated in activity days aimed particularly at children with SEN (who find it hard to access the PE curriculum) and for children who show above average talent in PE

Staff Development
To continue to feed staff confidence and development of teaching skills, we will be funding our school PPA release teacher, who is a PE specialist, to support staff with the planning and delivery of PE units throughout the year.
We will also fund our Playtime Leader / SMSA to accompany children to events for her to gain experience and ideas for playtime games.
We will be seeking opportunities for our PE coordinator to visit other successful schools or to go on training courses to find ways to continue to enhance PE provision throughout the school.

Impact as of March 2017
Since September our specialist sports coach has supported all teachers with the delivery of PE lessons, focussing on the sports which teachers feel least confident about teaching. Areas covered have been, hockey, gym, dance, football and rugby. Our Playtime leader has accompanied children to Clevedon School for SEN and G&T days.

As requested by the school council and children, we will purchase new play equipment for both playgrounds that will encourage more active and engaging play. General PE resources will continue to be refreshed and restocked as necessary.
This year, we are at rebuilding half the school, resulting in us only having half the playground space. For this reason, we will not be purchasing any large PE / Playground equipment with the intent of using next year’s grant to ensure our new playgrounds will be active and offering healthy play in 2018.

Impact as of March 2017
Due to current building work, and having lost half of our playground space, we have only replaced/bought essential equipment for this year.

The Extra Curriculum
This is our primary focus this year. We are wanting to develop stronger links with at least 6 local clubs and coaches to provide our children with opportunities to continue their interests in sport after school. The school council will collate a list of local clubs which are already attended by children at school and we will use this as a first port of call for getting coaches into school. We will then develop this by asking children which new sports and clubs they would like us to make links with. Through seeking the views of children via the school council, we will arrange for coaches to come into school to deliver new sports and activities.

Impact as of March 2017
Again, due to building works and a class being taught in the hall, we have no indoor space that can be used for PE other than on dedicated PE days. For this reason, it has been impossible to invite clubs in to demonstrate activities.
When sports competitions have involved local clubs, we have further promoted that club and sport by handing out information leaflets.
Within after school clubs, we have offered dance (at no cost) to years 1 to 6, and paid clubs for hockey, football, rugby, netball and multi skills to years 1 to 6.

Funding will also be used to ensure that children (even small groups) can be accompanied by a paid member of staff (and to pay transport costs if necessary) to attend as many competitions or activity days as possible.

Impact as of March 2017
We have provided transport to a swimming gala and the dance festival and paid for extra support staff at the majority of competitions.

Impact from 2015-2016 :
· 100% of children in school participated in a new sport; Wheel chair basketball
· 100% of children (Y1 to Y6) participated in a competitive event against another school.
· 100% of children in school participated in 2 intra school competitive sports days.
· 75% of our children in Years 3-6 were involved in after school PE activities
· 64% of children in Years 1 and 2 were involved in after school PE Activities.
· We provided Level 1 competition in 9 different sports.
· We provided Level 2 competition in 6 different sports.
· By taking on the role of Play leaders and organising whole school sports events, 100% of Y5/6children were active in promoting and leading physical exercise.
· The school achieved Sainsbury’s School Games Silver award. The only factor that stopped us getting Gold was our lack of links with 6 local sports clubs.
· Throughout the year, all staff taught PE lessons alongside our school PE coach. And also had the opportunity to work with a local secondary PE specialist for at least one session, to develop a chosen area of PE.