School Council

What do the School Council do?

The school council members take part in lots of activities, including;
  • Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils
  • Representing these views to teachers and Mr Webber
  • Coming up with ideas to help improve the school and make decisions within their chosen department

Being a school minister is a very responsible position as children have to have lots of sensible ideas and sometimes have to attend meetings and do things in their lunch time. However, it’s a chance to play an important part in our All Saints community.


The four departments are;

  Some of the activities carried out by each department.
Department for 
PE & Health
Supporting the provision of PE, clubs on offer and playtime activities. Helping to maintain healthy options in school and lunches.
Department for 
Safety & Environment
Reviewing how safe the school is, helping identify risks and also how to improve the school site. Exploring being Eco friendly and e-safety.
Department for 
Planning and delivering weekly assemblies and acts of worship through the year. Exploring the religious aspect of the school.
Department for 
Being involved in learning reviews and touring with visitors to the school. Taking part in interviews for new staff.

In each Department there will be a Y6 child as Department Secretary and a representative (Minister) from each class.


The role of the Secretary is to:


  • Call meetings when requested
  • Ensure all Ministers are taking matters to class for discussion
  • Collate information from the Ministers
  • Report back to members of staff as requested

The role of the Minister is to:


  • Take matters back to class for further discussion
  • Report back to the Secretary with their findings / information
  • Attend necessary meetings.


During 2015-16, the School Council have:


  • Department of Worship met to plan and deliver weekly acts of worship.
  • Department for Learning met gain feedback from classes on’ What we think every child should learn’ and ‘Things we would like to learn.’
  • Feedback was provided to the Parochial Parish Council on what the pupils had learnt in term 3.
  • The Department for PE. met and went to classes to agree team names for PE. The
  • department ministers fed back about sports to try. The Ministers for PE also met about school dinners.
  • The Department for Safety met regarding the e-safety day.
  • The Department for the Environment are having a walk through the school to identify areas that need improving.
  • The Learning ministers were actively invovled in the apopoint process for two teachers in the school, providing valuable feedback to the interview panel.
  • The Secretaries for each area provided Dr. liam Fox with a tour of the school, sharing the good practice and how the pupils engage with a living active curriculum.
  • The environment Ministers have met with representative from Clevedon Pride to explore how the school can work with them to enhance the town of Clevedon.
Picture 1 School Council 2015-16