GETTING INVOLVED - How to help and contribute

There are various ways of getting involved, with varying degrees of commitment required. We’re sure there’s one that suits each and every one of you!

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Events Teams


Teams of 3-6 people are ideally required for all the main events (the two fairs, the two discos). The team takes on the main responsibilities of organizing and recruiting volunteers, keeping costs as low as possible, going outside the school community for help and sponsorship. There will also always be a Risk Assessment to do for each event, and licences to arrange (see SECRETARY below).


Taking on a particular single task


It might simply be coordinating the twice-yearly recycling collection, or the production of a school calendar, or helping with the Chocolate Bingo, or being a Class Rep (keeping in touch with the teacher on all things PTA related)—there are many single tasks that need helpers and volunteers.


Volunteering to Help On The Day


Stall holders, riggers/strikers, actors in the Panto. Events Team members will be on the prowl in advance of each event.


Officer Roles


The PTA is a registered charity, and so the Charities Commission requires there to be at least two named officers. We like to build a slightly bigger team than that to share the load: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. These roles are taken by willing parents on a yearly basis—the idea being to have a regular turnaround of people so that everybody gets their chance to get stuck in, and then their chance to take a step back every once in a while!


PLEASE NOTE: the officers are in no way the leaders of the PTA (there’s no hierarchy in action here!), nor are they expected to take on all the work throughout the year. They are merely parents who have volunteered to take on particular responsibilities to fulfil requirements from various official bodies:


·         THE CHAIR: s/he literally chairs the main overall meetings (3-4 a year, open to all), but also usually takes responsibility (along with the others, if required) for producing regular Newsletters

·         THE VICE-CHAIR/S: joins the Chair in making sure the machine of the PTA runs smoothly, that new ideas are heard and implemented, that Events Teams are created and supported, and that all important PTA messages reach the wider school community

·         TREASURER—not just keeping the accounts up-to-date but sorting out floats and payments, and collecting on the day

·         SECRETARY—the bank of official info! Takes minutes of the main meetings, sorts out licences for the various events, lodging documents with Charities Commission and the PTA help-site

Joint Chair
Petra Mansour Moffat
Joint Vice Chair
Anna Griffin and Kate Poccachard
Camille Abrahams
Kelly Scott
PTA Newsletters
Kate Poccachard
Cake Sales
Denise Cheshire
100 Club
Sarah Jaques
Ice pops
Anna Griffin
Children-Designed Christmas cards
Kate Poccachard
Summer Play DVD
Petra Mansour


EBay Sales
Emma Bird
Quiz Night
Anna Griffin, Paul Redford, Tom Heysham
Christmas Fair Events Team
Summer Fair Events Team
Anna Griffin, Kate Poccachard and Petra Mansour-Moffatt
Valentines Disco  Events Team
Petra Mansour-Moffatt
Leavers’ Disco Events Team
Petra Mansour Moffatt
Disco Music
Dads Team!
Bar at fundraising events
Anna Griffin and Kate Poccachardd