Home School Communication

Parents are always welcome in school, and we are happy to discuss any matters concerning the progress and welfare of the children. Parents are encouraged to contact the class teacher and arrange to meet at the end of the school day, if there are any concerns. If concerns remain please contact the Head Teacher at any time.


As staff need to be responsible for the children from 8.40 am, we would encourage parents to speak with staff at the end of the school day, after 3.10pm. If a confidential discussion is needed (playground conversations may be overheard by other parents and children), parents may prefer to make an appointment in advance through the Office.


During the Autumn and Spring Terms there are Parents Evenings, when parents take the opportunity to meet with teachers. Appointments can be made to speak with the Head Teacher following these meetings, should there be any further concerns. At the end of the Summer Term, all children will take home their annual school report. Parents are welcome to meet with the class teacher to discuss any matters arising from the report.


Parents receive regular newsletters from the Head Teacher and termly communications from the class teachers about the curriculum. Parents may subscribe to our free e-mail ‘Parentmail’ and text service which will ensure they receive electronic copies of all school communications.


We also hold regular ‘Curriculum Meetings’ with parents. These evening meetings help inform parents about how the school delivers aspects of the curriculum, e.g. mathematics strategies or phonics. Parents have access to resources at these meetings to support their child at home.