Moving Onwards and Upwards

As a school we feel strongly that children need to be well supported as they join us, as they progress through each class and when they move on to secondary school.

Before children start in reception we visit them in their nursery settings and we like to have a ‘home’ visit, so that we can meet a child in their home environment, where they feel relaxed and safe.  All new reception children are paired with a Year 6 'buddy' to help ease them into school life.

Each year we have a ‘moving up’ session where all children move to their next class and meet their new teacher.
If a child joins in a year group, we would encourage a visit to the school, to spend an afternoon in their new class and make sure they have a 'buddy' to support them when they first join.

As children move onto secondary school we communicate openly with their next school to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We have visits from the local secondary school and the children will also usually spend at least one day in their new school setting.