It’s not just about the big events. The following initiatives run throughout



Our ever-popular Cake Sales are a big earner, bringing in £400 last year. Amazing for 25p per cake. That’s a heck of a lot of baking’n’buying!


Parents/carers/friends/children of each class take it in turn to bake. Here are the remaining dates for this year’s rota.


  • Friday 24th March PTA Cake sale – St Patrick’s class to bake
  • Friday 28th April PTA Cake Sale – St Andrews class to bake
  • Friday 23rd June PTA Cake Sale – St George’s class to bake
  • Friday 14th July PTA Cake Sale – St David’s class to bake


In the summer term, we’ll start selling Ice Pops on all Fridays. Last school year, just a few dates raised an additional £50.


Easyfundraising—an easy way to raise money throughout the year


Did you know that every time you buy something online you could make money for the PTA at no extra cost to you?


Easyfundraising pledges a percentage of your purchase to the cause of your choice.

To get started, simply register on their website Enter your email address and choose your password. Use the links below to maximise your useage - especially making sure the All Saints PTA is 'your cause'.


Then, each time you shop online, just log in to with your email address and password. Choose the shop you want from the RETAILERS list on the toolbar at the top (or enter the name of your shop into the SEARCH bar, or start your own list of FAVOURITES for quick access). You’re put through to the shop of your choice, and you make your online purchases as normal.


It really is as easy as that! It doesn’t cost you a penny, but each quarter the allocated commission goes directly to the PTA to support our children and our school. Since we started we have raised an amazing £1,725.76!!!




· 10 monthly draws will take place during the 2012/2013 school year

· The draw will take place during Praise Assembly, 2:45pm, on the first Friday of each month, running from October 2012 to July 2013.

· Up to 100 numbers will be included in the draw

· There will be one monthly prize for a lucky subscriber which will be 50% of the value of numbers sold (ie: up to £50 per month…£500 for the year if all numbers are sold)

· The remaining 50% will be added to PTA funds to be used for the benefit of all the children in the school.


See Sarah Jaques to join in at whatever time during the year.

Ebay Sales

Unwanted clothing piling up? We now collect and sell your unwanted clothing on EBay - this is a new venture this year. We'll keep you posted on how we do!


See Emma Bird to donate!




Some employers (especially larger organisations) offer Matched Funding or Matched Giving arrangements for their staff members.


In other words, if you’re actively involved in a school event, you might be able to approach your employer for a donation matching the proceeds from your stall, or from the entire event, or to a fixed nominal amount. Last school year, we increased our income pot by over £250 through such arrangements.


So please do check with your employer. The money may well be just sitting there with your name on it!