School Meals, School Milk and School Fruit & Vegetables

School Meals

The school operates a serving kitchen in the Parish Rooms daily. The meals are freshly prepared and cooked on the day by Chartwells at their central kitchen and delivered daily.

The menu is run on a three week cycle (see latest menu at the bottom of the page) and the menus are analysed to ensure they meet the 'School Food Standard', this tells us what food and drink children should be offered at school, and what nutrients children should receive from a school lunch.

The cost of a school meal is currently £2.00 for a hot two course meal. A Universal Free School Meal will be offered to all Key Stage 1 children from September 2014.

School meals can be ordered daily, but must be paid for in advance via Parent Pay.
Meals are ordered from the kitchen by 10:00am, if a child goes home poorly after 11:00am the meal cannot be cancelled and will still be charged.

Promotional meals are offered by Edwards and Ward throughout the school year.

By joining in with the school lunch experience, pupils can:
  • Develop their social skills
  • Relax in a safe, supervised environment with friends
  • Try new foods
  • Learn to enjoy a balanced diet
  • Join in with theme days



Children attending our school whose parents or carers receive any of these benefits are entitled to free school meals:


• child tax credits – provided your annual income as assessed by HM Revenue and Customs does not exceed £16,190. If you receive working tax credit you will not be entitled unless you’re in receipt of a four-week run-on:


• guarantee element of state pension credit

• income support

• income-based jobseeker’s allowance

• income-related employment support allowance

• support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

• universal credit


You can apply online to get an instant result.

If you are eligible, your entitlement will begin on the day you apply and will end on the last day of each term. You need to apply again before the beginning of each term. You will need to apply for each child separately.

Please ensure you re-apply before the beginning of each term.

If you are eligible you will be able to download an eligibility letter. If you are applying during the school holidays, North Somerset District Council will notify us for you. If you are applying during term time, you’ll need to show us a copy of the letter. 

You should still apply if you claim benefits and have a child in reception, year 1 or year 2. This is to:

• avoid any issues with your child’s school meals when moving from year 2 to year 3

• make you eligible for other financial assistance for items such as school trips

• enable a school to receive the funding it is entitled to

Follow this link to apply


School Milk

Children under the age of 5 years are entitled to free school milk. Your child will be offered this prior to breaktime at school.
Once your child reaches their 5th birthday they can still have milk during the school day but it needs to be paid for, in advance, by the parent/carer directly.
This service is offered by Cool Milk. The cost is £1.10 per week for a 189ml carton of fresh, semi-skimmed milk every day. This is payable in advance to Cool Milk.
If you wish for your child to continue to have milk after their 5th birthday please telephone Cool Milk on 0844 854 2913 or register at before 5pm on Tuesday for milk to begin the following Monday.
If you are entitled to free school meals, you will be able to claim school milk, free of charge, under this scheme. Please advise the office if you are entitled to free school meals and wish your child to have milk and we will order the milk on your behalf.

School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme

The school takes part in this scheme. This is a national government programme entitling all children aged four to six in infant, primary and special Local Authority maintained schools to a free piece of fruit or vegetable each school day.


They may be given an apple, pear, banana, satsuma, carrot, some cherry tomatoes or other fruit or vegetable - it depends what is in season.


Link to: Fruit and Vegetable Scheme >


Children in years 3-6 may bring in a healthy snack or a piece of fruit/veg to eat at morning break.