St George's

St George’s class topic this term is ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ where we are studying natural selection and the evolution pioneers.


We are working on a game of survival throughout the topic, with survival points being earned by the children. Let’s see who can adapt and change the best!



All children will be provided with a homework book, which is used to record homework set and in most cases should also be used for completing the homework. Homework is usually set on a Wednesday and is due in the following Monday. Any support / reminding you can give your child to ensure they complete their homework on time is very much appreciated. Children will have a set Maths task focussing on number bonds and an English task focussing on spellings. Occasionally there may be a topic based homework. Some homework tasks will be set to help them with their future learning in class or they may be to consolidate on skills they have learnt in class. I always explain the homework tasks in class. Homework, where appropriate will be marked, reviewed or used as part of their class work to aid their learning and understanding. Children will also have times tables to practise on a daily basis. It is anticipated that each maths and English activity will take between 30-40 minutes to complete. If it is taking your child a lot longer then please let me know.



Children are expected to read aloud at home every day, for at least 10 minutes. The reason for this is that it not only helps with their reading, it also has a huge impact on their writing: reading with expression encourages children to look at the punctuation and use it in their own writing; discussing the structure of a story, predicting and analysing texts helps to develop an awareness of text structure and explaining unfamiliar vocabulary helps to extend their vocabulary. Please help your child to bring their reading book to school every day and take it home every evening. Please sign and date in their homework books to confirm they have read at home. Of course continuing to read alone for a longer period of time is also very beneficial. In school, we aim to discuss books and hear children read at least once a week.


Numeracy Skills:

I cannot stress enough the importance of practising times tables with division facts and quick number recall. A few minutes of this each night really does help.



All children need a water bottle in school every day. Children may bring in a pencil case with their own stationery, if they would like to, however stationery is provided in school. It is essential that all personal belongings are clearly named (including uniform) this ensures we are able to return any misplaced belongings to the rightful owner!


As always, please come and see me if you require any further information or support. The start of the day tends to be rather busy, so unless it is an emergency, the end of school is often the best time.


Rachel Mills

Class  Teacher