St Patrick's

Term 5 April 2019


During term 4 the children enjoyed identifying different garden and wild flowers as well as different trees. Some of our beans grew tremendously well and truly did go ‘up, up through the clouds’. The children’s versions of Jack and the Beanstalk were full of creativity. They should all be very proud of their hard work, we hope they have been telling you all about their learning at home.


Thank you to those of you who provided a pot full of beautiful flowers, they really do enhance our garden area. The garden party went well, especially the cress sandwiches, despite the wet weather!


Term 5 brings around another geography topic for us ‘From the River Thames to the Great Wall of China’ looking closely at physical and human features in London and Beijing. We will be comparing different aspects of these two places and develop our map skills.


In English reporters will be reporting on London and Beijing, as well as thinking about the story, ‘The Disgusting Sandwich’.


In maths the four operations will be recapped and we will be using these to solve problems.


If you have any resources or skills that may benefit our topic, please let us know.


This term brings many assessments for our children, especially year two, so please make sure children come to school ready to learn. Early bedtimes and healthy meals really do help the children to achieve their best while at school.


Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoyed the Easter holidays.

Kind Regards,

Mrs McConnell and Mrs Hutchings.