Whole School Science Week - 13 February 2015

This week (9th - 13th February) all of the children at All Saints have taken part in a Science week. This was launched by a visit from Benedict who works for Tony Hogg Designs, a specialist design and engineering consultancy service for tensile fabric structures. Some examples of their designs are; Centre Court Retractable Roof, Wimbledon and The 'Up at the O2' experience: Tensile Cable and Fabric Walkway
Benedict set us the brief that we were to design a model of a Safari Shelter for tourists, to be situated in the Massai Mara, Africa. It had to shelter up to four people (playmobile men) and keep off the rain and baboons! Using large sheets of Lycra the children were shown examples of Hypar, Conic and Barrel shapes that they could use in their designs.
Back in the classrooms the children experimented with bubbles and wire which showed the curvature that the fabric could make.
They then tested a range of material and decided ladies tights were the best material to use!
In groups of 3 or 4 the children designed, made, tested, decorated and finally evaluated their shelters.
The shelters have been tested and a Key Stage 1 and Ks2 winning team have been selected to enter the final at Northleaze school, Long Ashton on March 26th.
We have also been fortunate enough to have two inspiring female science and engineering visitors this week who have told the children about their jobs and  set up some exciting practical activities to try to demonstrate a little of what they do. One of these visitors is our very own All Saints science specialist, Mrs Liz O’Driscoll. Thank you Liz, for giving up your time and bringing the idea of structures to life with spaghetti and marshmallows!
Money to fund the resources for this project has been provided by the ENTHUSE Partnership Award. The ENTHUSE Partnership Award is a grant for a group of up to eight schools to work collaboratively to support the development of professional expertise in science and other STEM subjects and thus raise standards and close the achievement gap between groups of students. The ENTHUSE Partnership award aims to support collaborative activities over two years to develop and strengthen local partnerships which can subsequently continue independently. The Award is administered by the National Science Learning Centre as part of Project ENTHUSE. Project ENTHUSE is a partnership of industry and other organisations who share a vision to improvement in science education.